olpa (olpa) wrote,

Писать надо большими буквами

Интересная заметка в Towards evidence-based typography: Literature review and experiment design by Boris Veytsman and Leyla Akhmadeeva (TUGBoat 32:3):
... it seems that uppercase text is more readable than lowercase [4, 33] and it is not clear whether serifs improve legibility or not [3, 6, 30].

[3] A. Arditi and J. Cho. Serifs and font legibility. Vision Res., 45(23):2926­2933, 2005.
[4] A. Arditi and J. Cho. Letter case and text legibility in normal and low vision. Vision Res., 47(19):2499­2505, September 2007.
[6] M. L. Bernard, B. S. Chaparro, M. M. Mills, and C. Halcomb. Comparing the effects of text size and format on the readibility of computer-displayed Times New Roman and Arial text. Int. J. Hum.-Comput. Stud., 59(6):823­835, December 2003.
[30] M. S. McCarthy and D. L. Mothersbaugh. Effects of typographic factors in advertising-based persuasion: A general model and initial empirical tests. Psychology & Marketing, 19(7­8):663­691, 2002.
[33] J. E. Sheedy, M. V. Subbaram, A. B. Zimmerman, and J. R. Hayes. Text legibility and the letter superiority effect. Hum. Factors, 47(4):797­815, Winter 2005.
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